First Impression Rx | Multicultural Trainer Diversity
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As the world becomes more complex with four, soon to be five, generations in the workplace, and an increasingly global economy in which the closest co-worker may be thousands of miles away, it is critical that we learn techniques that make communication run more smoothly. It is our philosophy that the types of training we offer provide the tools to make these interactions more manageable:

Global Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

In addition to training, we also offer full service consulting for our clients.

  • Cultural Dexterity

    The best part about being culturally competent is that fluency is not required.

  • Unconscious Bias

    We are all biased. Test yours now.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    We are one of a few companies who are "grandfathered in" to be able to deliver certified TalentSmart and Empathy training to our clients.

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training

    Valuing Differences. Leveraging Differences. Generational Differences.